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Like all single person businesses, I do not have a partner or managers to discuss issues and plans with. My Beyond Networking group is my Board of Directors. Every month I report on my progress and plans. The small group is ideally suited to allowing for open and frank discussions about each member’s business and the direction they are going.

As a result of the goals that I have set, my Beyond Networking group and the monitoring of those goals, my business has developed in leaps and bounds. over the last 18 months. It requires commitment to your business and a strong desire to want to grow it.

If this is something you want to do, then I would strongly recommend that all small business owners be a member of a Beyond Networking group.

When I first met Helen seven years ago, I was a bit intimidated as I just didn’t think at that stage that my business needed a business coach, as I knew where I was going and what to do. Eventually it dawned on me that having someone help you keep on track is essential to business growth. Unfortunately as a very small business, I just couldn’t afford a business coach. Then I came across Beyond Networking. My business has been a member since the program first started, and the group, and Helen, are now key parts of my business. Helen is keeping me and my business on track.