Kelly (Carpenter) – Dan the Sparky

I have been with the Small Business Solutions Mentoring program for nearly 12 months now and I must say that I could not recommend this program highly enough for other Small Businesses. Not only does it provide you with a chance to have constant contact with an expert Business Mentor (at a very reduced rate I might add) but it also gives you the opportunity to formalise your skills by way of gaining TAFE qualifications. I have so far gained my Certificate IV in Small Business Management with the hope of getting my Diploma within the next 6 months.

The trials and tribulations of running your own business is not something anyone else can understand unless they are current or past business owners themselves. The Small Business Solution Business Mentors are all experts in their field and it doesn’t matter what sort of business you own, as the basic businesses principles can be applied across all industries. I have had the privilege of working with Helen Cowley for my duration with this program and she has guided me to focus, plan and implement so many new strategies and policies within my business that my business has been able to grow from three staff members to seven, in a little less than a year.