Helen Cowley Coaching will consult and facilitate your organisations business development processes:

Facilitation – The coordinator for collaborating and leading an un biased process, being active and leading the discussion process but not getting missed up in the topic discussion, or emotions of the group. Guiding a team to a common conclusion or development of a common plan.

We support you to do the best thinking, encouraging participation of all, promoting mutual understanding and sharing responsibility for the outcome. We engage and thought provoke your ideas, processes and concepts and strategies.

We arrange and manage meetings and events for organisations whether a business team, a department or community organisation. This may be a focus session, workshops, strategic planning processes, conference events. We bring people together for consensus decision making on ideas, shared learning, development or planning processes.

Every group is different  

  • Team work
  • Community organisations- Chamber of Commerce, Rotary or Loins Clubs Sporting clubs,
  • Business owners
  • Management teams

We will consult and facilitate your organisations business development processes:

  • Purpose statements
  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Sales and Marketing Plans
  • Product planning
  • Risk Management plans
  • Monitoring and Measuring
  • Exit and succession Planning
  • Cultural change
  • Contract management with our alliance partners
  • Performance management planning and implementation
  • Leadership development

We help:

  • Keep meetings to a focus, or one discussion item at a time until decisions are made.
  • Board meetings,
  • Department planning or crisis team reviews
  • Groups to decide on a structure and process for meetings and keeping to it.
  • Strategic planning retreats
  • Clarify and summarise points, for consensus and formalising decisions.
  • Helping keep meetings to time.
  • Ensuring that a written record is made of action and decisions agreed in a meeting.
  • Leadership and team building

You may be:

  • Community organisation such as a Chamber of Commerce, Rotary club, Quota or Lions club wanting to develop your strategic plan, project plan or AGM meeting.
  • You might be a developer, council or government body wanting to engage the community with community engagement workshops.
  • A Business needing to clarify strategies, team meetings or forming some decisions on a new project.
  • Help develop Purpose, Vision Mission or capability statements.

We offer effective and professional facilitation services If you need a facilitator to you’re your team to achieve a positive outcomes CALL US today and talk your process or need over with Helen Cowley.