Health and Wellbeing program

“Heathy people, healthy minds, healthy business
outcomes” program

“Creating the best possible health and wellbeing environment you can create.”

When a business chooses to make employee health and wellbeing a priority and program within their organisation, changes to low staff morale and a high level of absenteeism that are impacting productivity changes dramatically.

All of the studies in recent years support encouraging health and wellbeing and designing health and wellbeing programs for improved productivity and employee attendance and retention
HCC Consults and facilitated the implementation of these programs by developing frameworks or using HCC’s  own Healthy People, healthy mind, health business outcomes framework program.

In general Employers who run health and wellbeing programs do so because they want to:

  • Improve work performance and productivity
  • Reduce costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism, disability and workers’ compensation
  • Improve the culture of the organisation and retain existing employees
  • Improve the organisation’s image, attract talented employees and fulfil corporate social responsibility obligations.