Business, Executive and Leadership Coaching

Helen Cowley Coaching provides coaching to unlock potential of individuals for better business outcomes.

If you are in sports or a part of a sports team then you have a coach! But when you started your business did you take the same strategy?

Why not?

Business, Executive and Leadership Coaching is a relatively new industry and much of the industry until now has not been regulated. We follow the ICF Code of Ethics and Guidelines.

What is coaching? So what is coaching and how does it benefit you!

It is most probably easier to say what coaching is not! It is not technical guidance, career counselling, consulting, mentoring, facilitating or training. However these are all areas where coaching can continue on from and add so much strength to all of the above. Coaching is about moving forward with firm objectives and purpose.

What sets coaching apart from consulting and mentoring? Well…


  • You are engaging an expert who is Analysing
  • Researching
  • Planning
  • Reviewing (through reporting)
  • Transferring expertis
  • Experiences and knowledge.


  • Imparting and transferring of knowledge
  • Developing skill competency


  • Is the guide
  • Taking advantage of knowledge and experiences by being a bouncing board
  • Discussion based


  • The coordinator for collaborating and leading an unbiased process
  • Being active and leading the discussion process
  • Not getting mixed up in the topic discussion, or emotions of the group.
  • Guiding a team to a common conclusion or development of a common plan


  • The inquirer/investigator
  • Helping someone unlock their own potential and maximise their full capability.

Coaching unlocks a person’s potential to maximise his or her own performance. As a Coach we are your thinking partner. We guide you into learning(through self-discovery) recognising and producing your own results through positive questioning, self prophecy and positive attitude awareness helping you to identify potential, research, plan and measure. In general the outcome for you can be far beyond your just learning, planning or understanding. This is why it is such good value to aid to consulting and training or to support projects or people.

There are great benefits in coaching which have not been fully recognised by the business market place. As a brief, to help your choose the “best coaching option for you” or “the services we deliver”. These are a comination of Consulting, Training and Mentoring with:

Business Coaching

There is a continuum between business and owners personal life and sometimes it is difficult to separate the two. So business coaching does take into consideration an individuals work life balance, financial security and in general better relationships with life as well as business.

Executive Coaching

Is focused on confident and competently dealing with management issues and skills, that have a long lasting and immediate impact on the management of organsiations. Providing inspiration, encouragement and motivation. Developing skills to stay on track with most important management issues. Meeting organisational needs, Increasing you or your staff performance and well being. Executive coaching unlocks potential, lifts engagement and boosts the performance of you to create dynamic management and focused organisations.

Leadership Coaching

Is leadership focused – Helping your to develop good leadership capabilities and achieve organisational goals. Leadership coaching meets organisational needs and focuses on enhancing performance of leaders. It is specifically business purpose minded. Effective leadership is determined by effective communication between leaders, teams and individuals. 95% of employees do not know where the organisation is going- eg their strategies or strategic plan. 75% of employees leave their positions because of relationships not because of $ or work. Culture determines an organisations performance and outcomes.

Our clients contract us for many reasons and have found our coaching has been a very valuable experiences, learning and overall progress for their team, themselves and their business

Our coaching is a revolutionary approach to your human development that can achieve extraordinary meaningful outcomes and change. It is an extraordinarily powerful approach to supporting you, your implementation of projects, change process and training

The world spends over $200 Billion on training each year but it is estimated that 68% of training is wasted through lack of follow-up, or implementation.

Many businesses go through change management and spend many $ reviewing, analysing and developing a plan for change only to forget the implementation process.

Helen Cowley, Business Coach and Business Mentor will help Business Owners in all these areas.

Our philosophy: Believe in Yourself, Your Business, Your Family and Your Community

As a Business Coach we help clients to:

  • Rediscover their dreams and goals.
  • Clarify priorities.
  • Locate and utilise appropriate resources and strategies.
  • Stay on tasks and in action mode.

The way we coach:

  • Through a positive relationship of inquiring and focusing on personal development and awareness of goals.
  • By encouraging profit improvement through a proactive attitude to options finding, instead of problems finding.
  • Through developing an understanding and recognition of their responsibility for their choices which influence their success.
  • By encouraging the measuring of outcomes for continual performance improvement.

What does coaching mean:

  • Deepening a clients self awareness of their own resources.
  • Facilitating the recognition of dreams, goals and the required direction of both personal and business activities.
  • Defining of the steps needed to achieve such dreams and goals with guided supportive action.
  • Deepening a client’s learning.
  • Improving the client’s profitability and success by enhancing positive attitudes.

We guide clients into recognising and producing their own results through positive questioning, self prophecy and positive attitude awareness helping them research, plan and measure. With each session clients are able to choose the topic, and through listening and objective questioning, create their own clarity and actions to progress to solutions and goals of their choice.

Helen believes…

“we all have the resources to positively step forwards and reach those goals that we dream of. Sometimes we just need that encouraging hand, and supportive listener to see those resources which others see from the outside, but which we may overlook in ourselves. We just have to set on a course, recognise the challenges and opportunities and utilise our own resources.”