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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have you lost your focus? Feel like your company isn’t growing?
Helen Cowley Coaching is all about helping you to take your business or organisation to the next level. We help you work ON YOUR BUSINESS.

We help you to be the best possible you, you can be .

Helen Cowley is a Business Coach and Consultant who mentors, coaches, train’s and facilitates business people to improve their knowledge, confidence, performance and profitability and make business life enjoyable. With 38 years’ experience in business, she has a Masters in Business (MBA); specialisation Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial and Venture Development; Diploma’s in Business Management, Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring as well as Certificate’s in Trainer and Assessor, Retail, Life and Business coaching and many other small courses.

Helen says: It starts with you and simply put being aware of yourself and the world around you. Understanding people around you, what they want and dream of!

By helping them to be the best possible people they can be and making sure you facilitate that environment for them, then you often find they gain and grow themselves and gain teams trust, team commitment, they improve their confidence, creativity, skills and abilities.

This then leads to your organisations being the best possible business it can be and reaping reward – being the best deliver of customer service you can be or can provide, and gaining the best from your stakeholders and suppliers!

Leadership is about self first – knowing who you are and how you operate – being the best possible person you can be!

Leadership is not about being great but about enabling others to be great!” Helen Cowley favourite saying

Leadership is a gift if you use a coaching culture your whole business could be transformed into success!

Experience and Understanding

aboutHelen spent most of her young life on grazing properties in Central Queensland. The free open spaces allowed for creative and innovative learning opportunities and the use of limited resources, which have proven to be beneficial experiences in Business.

Helen’s first employment was in the banking industry, which gave her a good understanding of business activities and financial matters. Then small business management followed in retailing experiences in hardware, household, music and fashion. She owned her own shoe and fashion accessory shop for over 6 years.

Marrying a highly innovative and skilled engineer, Helen further developed her understanding of Business when she established a partnership in the family engineering business that has continued for over 38 years. This involved managing the administration, financial, planning, marketing and promotion of this business.

Helen has added to this experience by continual training with numerous qualifications, workshops and seminars and through continuing education. She has a broad depth of learning to support her business knowledgesuch as building sustainable business and understanding the need for eco business, carbon accounting, franchising, commercialisation, community engagement, publicity and social and digital media

Helen’s coaching and consulting work developed through requests from many of the engineering clients when they need support and guidance in their businesses. Helen became Qld Chapter Manager of the Micro Business Network for 3.5 years and although she has resigned from MBN she continues to support small business people. Helen promoted and launched the Qld Australian Micro Business Awards and MBN Conference in Queensland for 3 years as Qld Chapter Manager.

Over the last 20 years, Helen has encouraged many business people to take the next step, to be positive and to think outside the square. As examples, she has promoted networking, the entering of awards and being proactive, as well as being involved in their communities to benefit their business as well as their communities.

Helen has been a guest speaker at a number of Chambers of Commerce and business groups. She has been on the Committee for Research into Home Based Business for State Development and in 2001 was a Keynote Speaker for events such as the Northern Territory Government’s October Business Month in Alice Springs and Darwin speaking on HBB as well as the benefits of entering Awards.

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